On Environment.

On Environment.
The environmental impacts of waste are immediate and undeniable and incinerating waste is also troublesome as burning plastics produces toxic substances, like dioxins that pollute the air. Akshar has introduced a new packaging of paper bags, high quality and pleasant hand-crafted pouch bags, more environmental and eco- friendly.
Akshar has invested in community development through supporting the joint skilled women groups that make quality paper bags from locally made paper material. This does not only improve our environment protection but also creates more employment opportunities for the local community and improves the standards of living. Our choice of paper bags is based on high-quality standards and biodegradable that aids in reducing soil and environmental degradation as well as air pollution.
We have also gone ahead to put further measures on how we can improve our soils, climate, and environment which include; 

1. We grow and maintain over 120 hectares of rainforests in the central region of Uganda, encouraging farmers to practice afforestation and reforestation. This way, we contribute to the fight against global warming.

2. By mostly using biodegradable materials for our packaging, we minimize the amount of plastic released into the environment.

3. We also recycle plastics and sensitize communities to grow flowers and creeping plants in plastic waste around their homes instead of disposing of them.

We have shifted from machine use to sun-drying, manual labor in mixing and packaging instead of machines. However much this has impacted on our time and expenditure costs, we have created income opportunities for the local skilled labor and protected our environment from air pollution.

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