Akshit Dried Organic Butterfly Pea Flowers | USDA Organic| 0.4 Oz I flor de guisante de mariposa I fleur de pois papillon

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    The Most Demanded And Best Colorful Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea/Té De Flor De Guisante De Mariposa Azul On The Market With No Added Flavors Or Preservatives/Sans Arômes Ni Conservateurs Ajoutés.

    • The organic blue butterfly pea flower petals; comes from the butterfly pea flower plant have particularly no scent or flavor making it a perfect natural food [colourant/colorant alimentaire naturel parfait ]for any dish or drink without changing its flavor.
    • As a tea/ thé, butterfly pea flower tea has a mild woody; earthly taste. Sun-dried on special bamboo organic mats to retain all-natural vitamins and without any machine heat.
    • Organic /orgánico/ biologique Butterfly pea flower tea; can be brewed either hot or cold, and blue or purple! The Butterfly pea flower is an incredible natural blue plant that has been used for centuries in Thai traditional cooking.
    • When the dried butterfly pea flowers are brewed; the drink turns to a delightful blue, and squeeze a slice of lemon into the tea magically turns from blue to purple right before your eyes.
    • Herbal Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea  [ Té de flor de guisante de mariposa azul a base de hierbas ] from butterfly pea flowers brewed hot and cold, take it with honey and lemon to enjoy its awesome taste and experience it brings.

    This drink can be mixed with syrup, honey and lemon to give you that sweet, herbal taste. 

    Butterfly Pea Flower Benefits

    Color and taste:-butterfly pea flowers have amazing intense blue color and an all-natural earth taste no scent or flavor making it the perfect natural food [colourant/colorant alimentaire naturel parfait] for any dish or drink without changing its flavor.

    Nourishes hair/Nourrit les cheveux:- Butterfly pea flower has properties that nourish hair follicles, promotes hair growth, prevents greying and reduces hair fall.

    Anti-aging/Anti-âge:- butterfly pea flowers are full of antioxidant and properties[antioxydant et propriétés ]that reverse the damage caused to the skin by sugar molecules that causes skin aging[vieillissement cutané].

    Flavor; mild woody, earthly (as a tea/ thé /té ).


    100% Organic butterfly pea flower.

    Butterfly Pea Flower Recipes;

    • Can be steeped in herbal (cold or hot), mixed with syrup, honey, and lemon to give you that sweet, herbal taste.
    • Used as a natural food color in original form or dried and processed into butterfly pea flower powder and used for making smoothies, ice cream, bakeries like cakes, cookies, doughnuts, butterfly pea flower cocktails and others.

    Directions for making Butterfly Pea Flower tea / Té de flor de guisante de mariposa 

    • Infuse 3 to 4 flowers in 120ml of hot water for 5-6 minutes to get a good Color and Flavor.

    What do Akshit butterfly pea flowers taste like? They have a woody earthly flavor similar to the taste of fine greens and a light sweet aroma.

    ¿A qué saben las flores de guisante de mariposa Akshit? Tienen un sabor terrenal amaderado similar al sabor de las verduras finas y un ligero aroma dulce.

    Are Akshit butterfly pea flowers good for you? Yes they are because they are rich in antioxidants, particularly anthocyanin a type of antioxidant found in blue berries and red wine that is well known for fighting inflammation and boosting heart health.

    ¿Son buenas las flores de guisante de mariposa Akshit para ti? Sí, lo son porque son ricos en antioxidantes, particularmente antocianina, un tipo de antioxidante que se encuentra en las bayas azules y el vino tinto, que es bien conocido por combatir la inflamación y mejorar la salud del corazón.

    Can you eat Akshit butterfly pea flowers? Yes you can, it's mostly used to make blue butterfly pea flower tea as explained above and also to make other recipes.

    ¿Puedes comer flores de guisante de mariposa Akshit? Sí, se puede, se usa principalmente para hacer té de flor de guisante de mariposa azul como se explicó anteriormente y también para hacer otras recetas.

    Can you drink Akshit butterfly pea flower tea? Yes you can and it will leave you nourished and fit because of it's amazing properties.

     ¿Puedes beber té de flor de guisante de mariposa Akshit? Sí, puedes y te dejará nutrido y en forma debido a sus increíbles propiedades.

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