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    Akshit Africa's number one Arabica coffee (café/Kāfēi) variety sourced from the land of mountain gorillas to your table full of freshness (frescura/fraîcheur) and natures great taste (gran sabor/natures bon goût). One variety of coffee not to miss in your coffee drinks  shop.

    Nyasaland variety has a long history. Originally cultivated in western Ethiopia (in the Geisha area), before being introduced to Uganda by the British in the early 20th century, where it adapted perfectly to the agroforestry on the slopes of Mount Elgon.

    A group of 40-50 smallholder farmers still preserves some rare, decades-old Nyasaland Variety plants, cultivated since the 1940s in Uganda through the Slow Food Presidium project though facing extinction due to the arrival of free new hybrid varieties in the region.

    Product Features

    • 100% washed Arabica, grown by Miale - Tubana Mixed Farmers’ Cooperative group in Mount Elgon at an altitude of 4,100ft – 5,600ft above sea level.
    • Slow Food Presidia Coffee(café/Kāfēi).
    • Fully traceable Coffee(café/Kāfēi).
    • Handpicked and hand-sorted on site.
    • Hand roasted and packed in small batches at the source direct from Uganda to you.
    • This coffee has a great balance, medium acidity, silky full body, floral notes, and sweet chocolate after taste with 84 points cup score.
    • Suitable for any brewing method, highly recommended for coarse to medium grind size.
    • For French press brewing use, four heaped teaspoons of ground coffee in 300ml hot water and let it brew for 4 minutes before serving in a cup.

    Are coffee beans edible? Coffee beans are safe to eat but should not be consumed in excess, they are packed with caffeine and anti-oxidants that are good for health.

    ¿Son comestibles los granos de café? Los granos de café son seguros para comer, pero no deben consumirse en exceso, están llenos de cafeína y antioxidantes que son buenos para la salud.

    Are coffee beans legumes? Coffee is far from a legume , coffee comes from a fruit and it grows on trees.

    ¿Los granos de café son legumbres? El café está lejos de ser una leguminosa, el café proviene de una fruta y crece en los árboles.



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