Akshit Avocado Dry Organic Leaves

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    Akshit Organic Avocado Leaves, NON GMO, Vegan, Gluten free, Detox Tea, 75gms Akshar Herbs takes caution in presenting to you the best herbal teas with no added flavors, natural in nature’s existence. We carefully and selectively focus on health other than taste. Akshit as a brand is not only about flavor and taste of the herbal teas; they maybe sour, tangy, bitter with a distinct scent but also most importantly look at the health benefit aspect of the varieties of the teas. The herbal teas in all kinds of category ought to be taken in for their health benefits and not necessarily for taste and flavor. Product Description We present our natural avocado leaves with a slightly minty, hazelnut, and a mellow anise-licorice flavor. Akshit organic avocado leaves are all that signify natures’ gifted herbs that contain minerals like immune boosting zinc, bone-strengthening calcium and anti-oxidants that help in balancing acidity in the stomach. The avocado leaves may have a slightly bitter taste but you can add alternative sweeteners until you find a favorable taste for your tea. Your health is all that matters and that is what we strive to achieve; bringing you natural teas with no added flavors for mainly health consumption

    NATURAL TASTE; the leaves have a nutty hazelnut aroma and a mellow anise-licorice flavor. It may have a slightly bitter and pungent taste.

    HEALTH BENEFITS; the anti-oxidants in the avocado leaves can also help playing a role in balancing the acidity of the stomach. Brew your avocado tea three times or more per week.

    PREPARATION; 1. Add leaves and hot water together and allow them to steep. 2. Use approximately three or four leaves per pot. 3. Allow to boil for 10 to 15 minutes. 4. Play around with your recipe, adding more or fewer leaves using alternative sweeteners until you find the brew that best suits your taste.

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