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Akshit Organic Dried Calendula (Marigold) flowers, Calendula Tea, 2.4 oz I Calendula Officinalis| orgánico caléndula pétalos I Akshit Pétales de Souci Bio| Flor De Calendula

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The brightly yellow-orange colored marigold flowers(flores de caléndula/fleurs de souci) make a delicious soothing tea (té calmante/délicieux thé apaisant) with a sweet fragrance, tart flavor.

Akshit Herbs presents Calendula flowers with an exciting sweet fragrance and somewhat spicy aroma. Marigold Tea is an outcome of Calendula flowers, which makes a soothing calming delicious calendula flower tea. Imagine what organic calendula flowers have in store for your body, mind, and health at large; Dried Calendula flowers can aid in easing digestion, helps in easing headaches, detoxing, energy, immune boosting and helps in facilitating sleep . Dried  Calendula flowers can be used in oil, in soaps, lotions, balms also other topical formulations since marigold petals helps to promote skin and hair. Calendula flowers can be used to brew marigold flower tea which is brewed with the dried marigold flowers, which give a bright vivid orange color. Calendula can be used in a variety of food and drink recipes, baking for example cocktails, mock tails, cakes or steep as a calendula Flowers tea, soap making, calendula oil making. In order to add natural flavor use tulsi leaves, ginger, lemongrass, peppermint and natural sweeteners like honey etc. Calendula flowers Dried can be brewed to make calendula flower tea which is a herbal tea from calendula plant, scientifically known as "Calendula officinalis". This calendula flower tea can brewed with whole calendula flowers or crushed into calendula flower powder, which are a bright orange color.

Nuestros pétalos de caléndula orgánicos secos tienen una fragancia dulce con un toque picante, ligeramente dulce, especialmente con una gota de miel. Las flores de caléndula se consideran una de las mejores mezclas de hierbas (herbario mezcla / les meilleurs mélanges d'herbes) para la salud y el bienestar en general.

Akshit dried marigold flowers uses are;

  • Our marigold petals are edible and are used to make Calendula tea which has antioxidants(antioxidantes/contient des antioxydants) and anti-inflammatory (antiinflamatoria/anti-inflammatoire) properties for soothing and great healthy benefits.
  • Our dried marigold flower petals (flores de caléndula/fleurs de souci) have no additives ( in aditivos/n'ont pas d'additifs) and are caffeine-free(sin cafeína/Sans caféine) so you can experience the natural flavors (sabores naturales/arômes naturels) that calendula blossoms have to offer


  • PURE & NATURAL- 100% USDA Certified Organic , Non-GMO, Caffeine free, gluten free, Vegan friendly No Additives in calendula flower  product.
  • Calendula flowers are carefully handpicked by farmers equipped with organic farming & processing skills, carefully sorted,well sun dried and examined for meet international standards also to deliver a premium quality calendula flowers.
  • Dried calendula flowers have an amazing rich clean scent experienced when the bag is opened. Organic Dried calendula flowers can be used as calendula tea, oils, balms, salves, other cosmetics products, decoration.
  • Dried calendula flowers have an amazing rich clean aromatic scent experienced calendula flower bag is opened. Dried calendula flowers can be used in organic calendula tea, calendula oils, balms, salves, other cosmetics and more calendula projects.
  • Calendula flowers for cooking can be used as spice or recipe in garnish soups and salads . Organic Calendula flowers may also be baked in cookies, cakes, breads and smoothies like cocktails, mocktails.
  • Calendula flowers can be used to make calendula oil which helps hair growth, skin care therefore this summer season grab yourself dried calendula flowers.
  • CALENDULA BENEFITS- Calendula flowers sachet has antioxidants that helps in detoxing , energy and immune boosting.
  • calendula flower tea can be used as a spice for cooking. baking items like cookies, cakes and breads and can be added to drinks like  cocktails, mocktails .
  • USES: Marigold flowers/ petals have various uses which include: brewing marigold tea, soap making, calendula oil, hair regrowth, skin care, recipe, cooking, baking etc.
  • Calendula flowers are harvested when still fresh by hand picking, sorted , washed with clean water, sun dried and examined all this processing and packaging takes place in a clean environment.
  • SATISFIED OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK: Akshar is founded on the principle of Premium  Quality, therefore  if for any reason, our calendula product falls short in meeting your expectations, just email us and we will refund your  full amount right away within the first 10 days of purchase. No questions asked!.
Product Details
  • Shape: flowers
  • Variety:   Dried Calendula Flower / Calendula tea/ Flor De Calendula(thé de souci/té de caléndula)
  • Specialty: health tea, Herbal Tea, Caffeine free, Non GMO, Organic tea (té de la salud, té orgánico)

Instructions on how to make Calendula Tea

  • Boil a cup of water
  • Add calendula flowers organic to boiling water and allow the dried edible flowers to  steep
  • Strain out the calendula residue and have a perfect calendula flower tea.

Add honey to add a pleasant complement.

Are Akshit marigold flowers edible? They are eaten as petals or leaves, raw or blanched, fresh or dry, sweet or savory and contain several health benefits.

 ¿Son comestibles las flores de caléndula de Akshit? Se comen como pétalos u hojas, crudos o blanqueados, frescos o secos, dulces o salados y contienen varios beneficios para la salud.