Organic Stevia Leaves 0.8 oz
Organic Stevia Leaves 0.8 oz
Organic Stevia Leaves 0.8 oz

Organic Stevia Leaves 0.8 oz

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The sweet tasty leaves have zero-calories and caffeine-free yet sweeter than table sugar, with no side effects even when consumed in large volumes. Two stevia leaves are equivalent to one tablespoon of sugar. Stevia leaf helps in lowering blood pressure, diabetes, and improves oral health.

Sugar substitute; stevia leaves do not raise blood sugar levels, best for people with diabetes as an alternative to sugar-sweetened foods and beverages.

A better option for sugar; 200-350 times sweeter than sugar and contribute sweetness to foods and beverages with zero calories.

Small amounts of stevia leaves are enough to achieve the sweetness of sugar and can be blended with common baked food ingredients.

Stevia leaves can also be included in a child's diet without destroying gams or causing obesity.

Helps with weight loss; low-calorie sweetener lower in carbohydrates and helps with weight management. 

Why choose organic stevia leaves than stevia in the sachets.

  1. The leaves are naturally sundried without machine heat unlike the stevia in sachets that are machine extracted.
  2. The stevia leaves have their naturally sweet taste unlike the factory stevia that has a bitter after-taste

How to use stevia leaves

 Make calorie-free sweet milk

Pinch 3-4 leaves of stevia leaves

In a clean cloth, tie the leaves to make a pocket (ensure no space for residues) and deep in the milk and boil the milk to heat

Or you can heat the milk first and drop the tied pocket of stevia leaves for two-three minutes to dissolve.

Make calorie-free sweet yogurt

Prepare your milk with stevia as directed above and let it cool

Scoop 1-2 spoons of Greek yogurt and place it in a bowl, and warm milk, whisk until well mixed.

Place the mixture in a dark cool place for about 2-3 hours to settle and then place it in the freezer for 1-2 hours.

Enjoy a sweet-calories-free yogurt.

Organic Stevia Leaves 0.8 oz