Dry Sweet Banana Slices 2.82 oz
Dry Sweet Banana Slices 2.82 oz
Dry Sweet Banana Slices 2.82 oz

Dry Sweet Banana Slices 2.82 oz

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Natural sweet banana snacks are made from purely local sweet bananas also known as apple bananas. This snack has got a yummy taste and we don’t any sweeteners or any artificial so you get to enjoy just the snack as harvested from the garden. Our fruits are sourced from Uganda, grown with organic methods of farming to grantee our customers Non- GMO and organic products with true nature’s taste.

Sweet banana is an excellent energy snack, especially after a long walk or workout activity, on a trip that needs a compatible and cheering travel mate, convenient with office drawer and baby’s lunch box. This natural sweet snack can also add a delightful taste to your morning fruit milk preparation, fruit desserts, and baking.

Special features.

✓Women Owned Business.
✓USDA Certified Organic.
Caffeine Free.
Gluten free.


Sweet Banana

Perfect for

Mixing with oats and flakes for morning breakfast.

Portable snack on the go anywhere, anytime.

Portable for your office desk drawer.

Child’s lunch box.

Crunchy snack on the trips drive.


Dry Sweet Banana Slices 2.82 oz