Vanilla Powder (1lb)

Vanilla Powder (1lb)

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The brown ground vanilla powder has a unique floral aroma and flavor that is smooth with tones of cherry and chocolate made with Ugandan vanilla beans.

From whole vanilla beans freshly ground to a fine mesh vanilla powder, the vanilla powder adds a visual appeal and flavor to ice cream and baked goods and can also be a substitute for vanilla extract in many recipes.

Carefully selected to assure best quality and flavor; 100% raw and single-origin vanilla bean powder from Uganda, Non-GMO, free of preservatives or artificial ingredients and Chemicals, Vegan and Gluten-free

You can also use vanilla powder to decorate donuts, pound cakes or sprinkle on cakes, cookies, pancakes, and fruit.

Add vanilla powder to cookies, cakes, puddings, coffees, baking goods, frostings, smoothies, cereals, teas, or hot chocolates

it's also well suited for making custards and other cooked desserts as the vanilla powder doesn't evaporate when heated.

Vanilla  powder is available in bulk supplies with minimum order of 1 pound at 100 dollars.

Storage tips
Store in cool, dark, dry places.