On Environment.

The environmental impacts of waste are immediate and undeniable and incinerating waste is also troublesome as burning plastics produces toxic substances, like dioxins that pollute the air. Akshar has introduced a new packaging of paper bags, high quality and pleasant hand-crafted pouch bags, more environmental and eco- friendly.
Akshar has invested in community development through supporting the joint skilled women groups that make quality paper bags from locally made paper material. This does not only improve our environment protection but also creates more employment opportunities for the local community and improves the standards of living. Our choice of paper bags is...

On Community.

Education is virtual and empowering children to embrace it is a premium ticket to a bright future. Akshar supports children in the community whose parents are unable to meet all their needs by providing them scholastic materials and scholarships at different levels of education.

Akshar also supports and empowers women groups in the community for transformation. One of these groups includes women group in central Kampala that makes hand-made paper bags from the locally produced paper material currently used for packing our herbal tea products. Akshar provides aid and close supervision of the process of making paper bags to ensure...