About us


Welcome to Akshar Herbs and Spices - a family-run Minority Women-Owned Business Enterprise delivering high-quality herbal products straight from Uganda directly to American and European doorsteps. Based on Long Island, NY, Akshar Herbs and Spices is the go-to place for everybody who appreciates small-batch organic products, and is willing to support small producers in Uganda.

Our Story

Akshar Herbs and Spices was founded back in 2018 by Deviyani Jamindar, an inspiring 78-year-old woman and a retiree officer from New York Fire Department, together with her niece, Niarli Pandya, an experienced auditor of organic farms/companies, with a meticulous, spontaneous, and cheerful attitude. Both are stunningly passionate about all products organic and locally produced to promote healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

 Having found partner farmers in Uganda, Akshar has managed to establish long-lasting relationships with dozens of organic product suppliers. Akshar supports Uganda’s local producers by equipping them with necessary planting materials and training on the latest agricultural practices. For Akshar there is nothing more important than delivering high-quality organic herbal products to our customers, and at the same time ensuring safe and favorable working conditions for its suppliers

Our Products

Akshar Herbs and Spices offers a large variety of organic products from Uganda, such as herbal teas, coffees, spices, and dried fruits. All products are GMO-free, gluten-free, Vegan-friendly and do not contain any harmful chemicals, such as artificial flavors or additives.  Moreover, all organic tea blends are free from caffeine, which makes them a perfect choice for people who try to avoid consuming caffeine that most supermarket teas contain.

When we say our products are organic, we really mean it. Our herbal teas, coffees, spices and dried fruits go through organic practices, and we have acquired USDA certification for the majority of our assortment. While shopping with Akshar Herbs and Spices, you can be sure that you will get certified organic products, good for both your body and our environment.


We at Akshar Herbs and Spices are devoted to what we do. Our mission is to show the world that Africa is an incredible continent that houses thousands of talented people, delicious foods and nourishing herbs and spices. Our company strives to bridge the gap between the USA and Uganda by supplying Americans with top-quality organic products, from herbal tea blends and unique coffees, to delicious vitamin-rich dried fruits and exotic spices.


Akshar Herbs and Spices is aimed at making organic products from Uganda available for all American and European households. We thoroughly check every batch of our herbal teas, organic coffees, and other specialties from Uganda to ensure they are of the highest quality and meet all local regulations.

Another goal that Akshar company pursues is to support small family-owned businesses in Uganda by making them part of our international community. We partner with reliable suppliers, and provide them with additional sources of income. For example, the paper bags that we pack our organic products in are handcrafted by a group of women in the central region of Kampala, Uganda, which makes the shopping experience of our customers even more special.