Our Story


Akshar herbs and spices enterprises, LLC that sells quality and Organic herbal products directly sourced from Africa. Akshar was founded in 2018 by a 78-year-old powerful woman, a retiree officer from the New York city fire department, Mrs Deviyani Jamindar who is passionate about health and wellbeing.  Akshar is a family run Minority Women Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) located on Long Island, NY.

We offer 100% natural premium quality of organic herbs and spices, and premium quality coffee. We are committed to produce high quality and nutritional products which brings a positive change to health and wellbeing of customers. Akshar's herbs and spices have unique flavors and aroma due to natural soil fertility, geographic location of farms and good crop management by the growers.

Akshar partnered with Essence of Africa limited based in Uganda through which we work with small holder farmers, providing them right planting material and training on good agricultural practices to produce best natural quality crops. We follow a very stringent policy for food safety thus setting procedures at our farm as well as for our out-growers to produce quality herbs and spices with little or no damage to the environment. Most of our production is through Organic practice and majority of our products are certified organic or 100% natural. Regular vetting for our facilities and supply chain is done to ensure that at every level of production, processing, packaging and transport, quality is observed at its peak.



Have a relaxed, resentful mind and healthy body with akshar herbs and spices premium quality products