Change the flavor of your tea

Some herbal teas carry their own taste and flavors like ginger tea, lemongrass tea, while others need an added ingredient for a flavor or taste like butterfly pea flower (blue tea) and moringa tea.

Stevia leaves gives tea a natural sweetness with zero-calorie, no side effects and more health benefits.

Oranges, lime or lemon can also work as a natural sweetener. You can either drop in slices or squeeze the citrus juice into the cup as it adds a subtle tangy taste to the tea.

Grape fruits and berries (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries) bring more sweetness and texture to the drink and leaves you less hungry.

Cinnamon creates a spice to the drink as well as make wonders in masking the taste of the herbal tea.

Honey will add a soft and silky taste to the drink that will expedite out the leafy taste of the tea however the more honey you add, the stickier the tea becomes. You may need to balance the stickiness with a squeeze of lemon juice drops into the tea.

Ginger may add spice to your tea but then a large amount ginger dissolve will give you a sour taste.

Coconut milk gives an extra flavored creamy tea much lighter than whole milk and makes the tea much easier to drink.