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Akshit Calm Sleep Tea (40 Teabags) Papaya Calendula Flower Eucalyptus Lemongrass, & Organic Guava Leaf Tea, Stress Relief Tea, Caffeine-Free, NON-GMO, & USDA Certified. (Pack of 1)

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Akshit Calm Sleep Relaxing Organic Herbal Tea Herbal 40 Tea Bags I cafeína orgánica  té de hierbas

Product Description

Calm sleep tea is a relaxing tea, calming tea, and relieving tea blended with dried papaya leaves, dried guava leaves lemongrass tea, Marigold Calendula flowers, and eucalyptus leaves tea. Calm sleep tea blossoms with notes of citrus, and lemon and ends with a mild flavor and light tropical taste, and a crisp clean finish for a perfect night’s sleep. The calm sleep relaxing tea is an attribute of calmness and relief. The calm sleep caffeine-free natural tea with papaya, guava, lemongrass, calendula flowers, and eucalyptus leaves tea has a unique aroma with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives added. Tea for calm sleep, tea for stress relief, tea for relaxing, tea for relief, and tea to calm your nerves for a calm good day and night sleep. Let our calm sleep tea be your tea for relaxing and relief.

Key Features

    • CALM SLEEP TEA; Enjoy calm sleep tea with only all natural and organic ingredients. The tea is Non-Gmo, Caffeine-free, Gluten-free, Vegan, and USDA Certified.
    • ORGANIC GUAVA LEAVES; guava leaves contain high levels of Vitamin C and iron, guava leaves are very helpful and have been hailed as one of the super fruits; guava leaf tea provides several health benefits. Guava leaf tea blended with papaya leaf tea, eucalyptus tea, marigold flowers, and lemongrass tea makes a nice cup of healthy herbal tea.
    • PAPAYA LEAVES; papaya leaves contain fiber; a nutrient that supports the healthy functioning of the body. Papaya leaf tea extracts act as an alternative immune booster. Papaya leaves blended with guava leaves, lemongrass loose leaf, eucalyptus leaves, and marigold flower make a warm cup of immune boost and calm sleep tea.
    • EUCALYPTUS LEAVES; eucalyptus leaves make a soothing tea with a sweet and earthy flavor coupled with a refreshing hint of mint. Eucalyptus leaf tea is an herbal tea made from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree. Eucalyptus leaves with papaya leaves, guava leaves, marigold flowers, and lemongrass tea potentially offer a nutritious tea to boost immunity.
    • ORGANIC MARIGOLD (CALENDULA) FLOWER; marigold flower tea also brings relief and helps to facilitate sleep; blended with eucalyptus leaves, lemongrass, papaya leaves, and guava leaves tea makes a nice cup of stress relief tea.
    • ORGANIC LEMONGRASS; Lemongrass amazingly makes a tasty and delicious cup of organic lemongrass tea as a calm sleep tea. A warm cup of lemongrass, marigold, eucalyptus tea, guava leaves tea, and papaya leaves tea may help make you feel better.
    • CALM SLEEP TEA FOR CALM SLEEP; a calming, relaxing sleepy time night tea with guava, Papaya, lemongrass, Marigold (calendula flowers), and eucalyptus leaves; all Natural, relaxed and set your mind and body for a calming and relaxing sleep.

Is Mixed From; 

  • Papaya leaves.
  • guava leaves
  • Eucalyptus leaves
  • Lemongrass.
  • Marigold or calendula flowers

The best aromatic sleep aid herbal relaxing tea blends from nature gifted herbs to bring calmness and relief from a long day tiredness.

El mejor té relajante aromático Mezcla de té de hierbas orgánicas de hierbas naturales dotadas para brindar tranquilidad y alivio del cansancio de un largo día.

Our blended caffeine free natural calm tea for sleep (té calmado natural sin cafeína mezclado para dormir) has a unique flavor aroma for calming stress, anxiety and does not contain any artificial flavors, colors or artificial preservatives.

Add calm sleep herbal tea to your daily diet and watch the magic of good life with natural herbs benefits.

Akshit Organic Herbal Tea(Té de hierbas orgánico) is steeped in good: this certified USDA organic tea is grown in Uganda with Fair Trade and eco-friendly practices, we know you’ll love it.

Note; we encourage and promote organic relaxing herbal teas; we don’t add any natural or artificial Flavors in our Minced herbal Products.

Special features.

  • Women Owned Business.
  • USDA Certified(Orgánica certificada por el USDA)
  • NON-GMO.
  • /VEGANO.
  • Caffeine Free. (Libre de cafeína).
  • Gluten free (Sin gluten).


Fruity with Mint Notes.

Health Mantra/ Organic Herbal Tea Benefits:

  • May reduce joint pain
  • May Benefit Your Digestive System

Note: We encourage and promote natural herbs; We don’t add any natural or artificial Flavors in our teas.


  1. Organic Papaya leaves 
  2. Organic Guava leaves 
  3. Organic Eucalyptus leaves  
  4. Organic Marigold petals 
  5. Organic Lemongrass.

Does Akshit calming tea make you sleepy? - Akshit Calm Sleep Herbal Organic Tea makes you sleepy and is a healthy way to help fall asleep.

¿El té calmante Akshit te da sueño? El té orgánico de hierbas Akshit Calm Sleep te da sueño y es una forma saludable de ayudarte a conciliar el sueño.