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    The soft floral taste and scent of chamomile tea will draw you near while it gives you a resting and calming mind. These beautiful flowers are golden-colored herbal tea that you can have on its own without adding any sweeteners. Akshit Organic Chamomile Tea is the ideal taste and flavor that you need to boost your immunity and aid you in having a goodnight-sleep plus lightening up your mind for what the day may bring. Akshit strives to bring you natural herbal teas from nature’s gifted herbs purposely for your health and well-being. Our Chamomile tea is a delicately floral herbal tea that feels wonderfully smooth at every first sip; you can supplement it with honey, soymilk, pure maple syrup, or simple syrup to mention but a few. Bless your day with a cup of chamomile tea.

     About this item

    • NATURAL TASTE; the tea is mildly sweet, rather silky-clean, and soothing. However, this soothing tea can taste bitter if you add too many dried chamomile tea bags to the water and brew them for too long.
    • ORIGIN: Naturally sourced from Uganda with standardized farm protocols to bring you the best herbal tea with numerous health benefits.
    • ECO-FRIENDLY AND SUSTAINABLE: We use unbleached natural biodegradable tea bags and Tea bags are Packed in reusable Tin, so everything It's about eco-friendly and sustainable.
    • HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS: It has a unique taste that accompanies you with every sip. Because of its peculiarities, Chamomile tea requires specific material to make it tasty - with premium raw material that meets the highest quality standards. For relaxing at night, as well as an invigorating start to the day, try our Chamomile Tea Bags. They're harvested at their absolute freshest and when you drink them, we guarantee you'll feel amazing.
    Brand Akshit
    Item Form Bags
    Flavor Chamomile
    Package Information Bag
    Caffeine Content Caffeine free




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