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Akshit Organic Holy Basil Tea,2.6oz, Made From Dried Tulsi Holy Basil Leaves, Loose Leaf Tea, Tulsi Leaf Tea, Non-GMO, No Sugar, No Caffeine, No Gluten, Vegan.

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Holy Basil Also Known As Tulsi Has A Slightly Sweet, Yet Spicy Flavor And Hints Of Clove As Well.

Holy Basil/Herbal Tulsi benefits;

  • Tulsi is an adaptogen, with rich antioxidant(antioxidante/antioxydant) and anti-inflammatory (antiinflamatoria/anti-inflammatoire) properties used for thousands of years that can help to boost the immune system (estimular el sistema inmunológico/booster le système immunitaire).
  • Holybasil can  promote comfortable breathing (promover una respiración cómoda)
  • As an adaptogen, tulsi tea for sleep has the unique ability to regulate stress levels (regular los niveles de estrés)
  • Organic tulsi teas maintain energy levels (mantener los niveles de energía)throughout the day and sound restful sleep at night.

Organic Holy Basil is;

  • 100% certified organic,
  • GMOs free
  •  No artificial flavors 
  • Caffeine-free (sin cafeína/Sans caféine).

 Holy basil leaves also known as “queen of herbs” with a floral and peppery note, an aromatic perennial plant in the family Lamiaceae. Tulsi leaves are a profoundly healing plant known for its numerous perilla leaves benefits;

About Tulsi/Holy Basil;

It is organic grown and harvested in the Uganda without the use of any chemicals or pesticides; just organic Holy Basil is a purely, non-irradiated herbal leaves

Product Details;

  • Product Type:   loose leaves
  • Type:   Organic Herbal Tea
  • Shape: whole leaves
  • Variety:   Holy basil / Tulsi Tea
  • Specialty: health tea, Organic tea, Herbal Tea
  • Packaging:  Sachets
  • Shelf Life:   2 years
  • Place of Origin: Uganda
  • Weight: 75g(2.4 oz) 


Organic Dried Tulsi (Holy Basil) Leaves also known as the Queen of Herbs makes scented Cups of holybasil Tea  has a slightly sweet, yet spicy flavor and hints of clove with floral and peppery notes as well. Hojas De Tulsi is aromatic perennial plant in the family Lamiaceae. Tulsi Leaves are profoundly plant known for its numerous natural benefits like tulsi leaf for tea can be used for as recipe, cooking, baking, in drinks like cocktails, mocktails due to its flavor. Tulsi leaves for tea also known as holy basil leaves for tea are organically packed with no additives, no preservatives. tulsi basil leaf is organically grown and harvested in the Uganda just 100% pure, Non-GMO, vegan, Natural and Organic holy basil tea. 100% solar dried Holy basil leaf. Tulsi (Holy Basil)Leaves are organically grown in Uganda by rural farmers .  You can also try drinking Tulsi tea or adding Tulsi basil leaf to your meals.; accompany your meal, breakfast, or even in your free time with a cup of relaxing, soothing, holy basil Tulsi tea with hints of mint and joy in the Tulsi tea loose moment. Drink Tulsi tea organic every day and enjoy amazing basil tea benefits. Organic Dried Tulsi leaves ( Te Hojas De Tulsi Organica) releases a fragrant scent when added to any dish from stir-fry to spicy soups.  Holy basil Tea Organic delivers a light, minty flavor with a slight clove-like taste in baked products. Experience the natural benefits that come from organic holy Basil tea loose . Besides cooking, tulsi holy basil leaves can be used for baking, recipe, cocktails, mocktails. tulsi tea organic. You may decide to make a tulsi tea organic blend by combing other herbs like ginger, stevia, lemongrass.


  • 100% PURE TULSI HOLY BASIL LEAVES- USDA Certified Organic , Non GMO, Caffeine free, Gluten free, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors added sourced from Uganda.
  • SINGLE-LOOSE LEAF INGREDIENT: Pure Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves Organic. (Hojas De Tulsi) Caffeine free with no additives.
  • TULSI LEAF FOR COOKING- Tulsi Leaves can be used cooking due to the release of a fragrant scent and flavor when added to any dish from stir-fry to spicy soups, pastas, meats, soups, vegetables, sauces and brings natural benefits
  • PREMIUM QUALITY HOLYBASIL LEAF -Organic Holy Basil leaves are first examined in order to meet premium quality tulsi tea product because we work on a principle of delivering premium tulsi basil leaves organic.
  • NUTRITIOUS & DELICIOUS- Dried Tulsi ( Holy Basil ) Leaves can be brewed as tulsi basil tea, or used as a spice to dishes like pastas, meats, soups, vegetables, sauces due to its taste and flavor delivered.Experience natural tulsi tea nutrients contained in basil tea brewed out of basil leaves.
  • TULSI TEA LOOSE USES: Dried Holy basil leaves also known as Tulsi leaves organic can be used for baking for example cakes, bread, doughnuts and in drinks like cocktails, mocktails due to the slightly sweet, yet spicy flavor and hints of clove
  • EASY TO BREW- Use a tulsi tea infuser, teapot or French press and steep 1 to 2 teaspoons of tulsi leaves for 3-10 minutes depending on how strong you want the tulsi leaf tea to be. You may decide to the tulsi tea organic iced, by putting ice tubes in the holy basil tea. Iced basil tea organic can be stored in a closed container in the refrigerator for up to a week.
  • SATISFIED OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK: Akshit is founded on the principle of Quality, the best there is to ensure that your extraordinary tulsi tastes are met. However, if for any reason, our holy basil leaf product falls short in meeting your expectations, just email us and we shall refund your money in full amount right away within the first 10 days of purchase. No questions asked!

 Preparations (Holy basil tea/Té de albahaca santa/Thé au basilic sacré)

  • Boil a cup of water
  • Pour the boiling water over holy basil to steep
  • Keep in water for at least 5 minutes
  • Strain the liquid and pour into a teacup

Adding Ice Cubes Will Create Iced Tea.

Is holy basil tulsi? Tulsi is another name for Holy Basil.

¿Es la albahaca santa tulsi? Tulsi es otro nombre de Holy Basil.

Does Akshit holy basil tulsi tea have caffeine? It is totally caffeine free and can be consumed daily without fear.

¿El té Akshit holy basil tulsi tiene cafeína? Es totalmente libre de cafeína y se puede consumir a diario sin miedo.