Akshit Organic Guava Leaves 2.4 oz I guayaba orgánica hojas I Feuilles de goyave bio Akshit

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    A mild flavor and light tropical taste of Dried Organic guava leaves (Hojas de guayaba orgánicas secas) make  a great Organic herbal tea (infusión/thé aux herbes).

    Akshit Organic Guava leaves can be combined with Eucalyptus and Marigold flower petals.

    Akshit dried guava leaves tea benefits; 

    - Dried guava leaves and fertility; They boost sperm production hence increasing fertility.
    - Guava leaves and pregnancy; They may relieve digestive issues like acid influx, diarrhea and constipation which are common during pregnancy. 
    - Guava leaves and infections; They contain strong anti - bacterial components that are good with dealing with infections.

    Product Details

    • Product Type: loose leaf/hoja suelta
    • Type:           Herbal Tea/thé aux herbes
    • Shape:        sliced pieces
    • Variety:       guava Tea/té de guayaba
    • Specialty:    herbal tea, Organic tea/té de hierbas, té orgánico
    • Packaging:  Bags
    • Shelf Life:    2 years
    • Place of Origin: Uganda
    • Weight:      75g(2.4oz)

    Instructions on how to make guava leaf tea.

    • Boil a cup of water
    • Pour the boiling water over the dry guava leaves to steep
    • Leave the leaves in the water for at least 5 minutes
    • Strain the liquid and pour into a teacup(tasse de thé) 

     Guava leaf and ginger when combined to make tea can also help reduce the end consumer's stomach as well as leaving them satisfied and pleased.

    Are Akshit guava leaves edible? Various parts of the plant are used as medicine, people use the leaves for stomach and intestinal conditions, pain, diabetes and wound healing.

    ¿Son comestibles las hojas de guayaba Akshit? Varias partes de la planta se usan como medicina, la gente usa las hojas para afecciones estomacales e intestinales, dolor, diabetes y cicatrización de heridas.

    Are Akshit guava leaves antibacterial? Yes they are because they contain antimicrobial compounds.

    ¿Las hojas de guayaba Akshit son antibacterianas? Sí, lo son porque contienen compuestos antimicrobianos.

     Are Akshit guava leaves good for hair? Yes, this is because they are loaded with vitamin C and essential nutrients that are vital for hair health.

    ¿Las hojas de guayaba Akshit son buenas para el cabello? Sí, esto se debe a que están cargados de vitamina C y nutrientes esenciales que son vitales para la salud del cabello.

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