Health Benefits of Vanilla

Vanilla is one of the commonest flavors used in dairy products such as: vanilla ice cream, vanilla yoghurt, alcoholic drinks and soft drinks. But vanilla can also be consumed as Vanilla tea. Because of its fragrance, vanilla has further been used in making perfumes dating back to the 1990s.

Vanilla is known for a number of benefits some of which include the promotion of hair growth, improved healing, reduced acne cases, improved heart functioning, help in weight loss, improved respiration, relieving anxiety, etc.

Based on research, vanilla has been proven to have immense health benefits, it’s the reason someone on a diet will choose a vanilla yoghurt to the other colorful flavors. One could say that vanilla is the default flavor of all time.

Health Benefits of Vanilla

  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Vanilla has the ability to reduce and prevent the possibility of getting inflammations. A correlation has been found between inflammation and increased risk of chronic disease, hence foods rich in anti-inflammatory properties like vanilla are essential to one’s health.
  • Healing properties: Vanilla has been known to prevent tissue and cell breakdown and stimulating natural regrowth. This is because it contains antioxidant compounds. It boosts the body’s immunity and relieves stress, making it easy to recover from an illness or injury.
  • Good for the brain: Trusted sources say that vanillin and vanillic acid, the compounds in vanilla aid in brain growth. They are also believed to protect the nervous system, due to their neuroprotective properties.
  • Reduces acne: Vanilla has antibacterial properties which means it can fight acne breakouts and brighten the skin complexion. It is also believed to reduce scars when used regularly.
  • Reduces added sugar intake: Vanilla products like vanilla bean powder and vanilla extract reduce added sugar intake when used in several foods.
  • Enables health digestion: Vanilla beverages are common natural remedies for stomach upsets, cramping, and diarrhea and have been known to relieve gut inflammation.
  • Improves hair properties: Vanilla has been known to strengthen hair and also play a role as a natural oil for the hair.

Vanilla is highly versatile and can be used for many things from teas to flavors, bread recipes, cookies, cakes, granola, cooking and more. It is popular for its gentle fragrance, its sense of refreshment and for revitalizing energy.

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