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Beauty Loose Leaves Collection

Beauty Tea Collection


Butterfly pea

Detox Loose Leaf Tea Collection, where the art of tea meets the science of rejuvenation.

Detox Tea Bags Collection, where wellness meets flavor in every sip!


Discounted Herbal Teas

Discounted Loose Leaves

Dried fruit snacks

dried fruits pineapple,banana,jackfruit

Energy Tea Bags Collection – a selection crafted to invigorate your senses and fuel your day with natural vitality.

Flavored fruits

Hand-crafted tea

Hibiscus Collection

Hibiscus Products


Loose leaf herbs

Mild Flavor

New Dried Fruits

new tea

Organic Herbal Tea Collection

Premium Organic Herbal Tea Blends

Relaxation Collection

Relaxation Loose Leaves

Skin Care Tea

sleep ingredient

Soothing tea collection

Strong Flavor

Super Foods

Super Hot Chili and Pepper

Tea Collection

Wellness tea Pack

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