Ways of using Moringa powder.

Ways of using Moringa powder.

Moringa powder is one of the most healthy and powerful superfoods but with a very strong tart taste which puts off people to take moringa.  Well, the good news is, we have suggested ways on how you can enjoy your moringa drink without having to battle with the tart flavor and still get the amazing benefits of this amazing superfood.

Adding moringa to a lemon tea; well, we all know how lemon is beneficial to our body detoxing and adding moringa to a lemon tea even gets better. The strong flavor and acidity of lemon can completely hide the tart flavor of Moringa powder, making it convenient for you to ingest the powder every day.

Sprinkle moringa powder onto Pasta Sauce; The easiest way to enjoy moringa powder without noticing its tart flavor is to garnish it on pasta sauce. This makes it tasty on Bolognese due to the deep meat flavors.

Sprinkle moringa powder into your yoghurt drink; sprinkle a teaspoon of Moringa powder into your yogurt which is easy to dodge the taste of moringa and also a great way to get into your day with positive energy.

Moringa Salad; when you use moringa powder as dressing on salad, you won’t notice it. Sprinkle the moringa powder over wet salad and it will mingle in. To maximize the health benefits of moringa powder, the salad should be slightly wet to help the powder dissolve in with other ingredients.

Adding moringa in smoothies and juice; blend your juice, or create your smoothie and then add a table teaspoon of Moringa powder for each glass of juice or smoothie and enjoy your super healthy drink.

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