The butterfly pea flower is a beautiful and exquisite plant that grows well in a range of soil types (pH 5.5-8.9) including calcareous soils and tolerates excess rainfall and drought; when growing, choose any type of soil as long as it is well-drained and in a place where the plant receives maximum sunlight. Since the butterfly pea flower is a natural coloring plant, it is less shocking to discover that it changes to different colors when mixed with various drinks.

Although most people are acquainted with the blue butterfly pea flower, there is utmost urgency to learn about the rest of the butterfly pea flower world. In addition, today we shall talk about so various uses of butterfly pea flowers in our day-to-day living; and how society views the butterfly pea flower plant.

The butterfly pea flower plant is viewed as a vibrant herb and one that contains medicinal properties that help in boosting body immunity and provide calmness and relief from stress. It is seen as a plant ruled by the Planet Venus attached to the element of water, which is marked to love, emotion, serenity, and protection.

First of all, how to make butterfly pea tea; in this case, butterfly pea flowers are used in brewing yourself a perfect cup of tea. The butterfly pea flower is not only used in making tea but is also used as a natural food colorant used in savory dishes and desserts plus drinks that is; magical lemonade, cocktails, blue latte, whiskies, and many more drinks.

Butterfly Pea solution is also believed to boost hair growth since the butterfly pea flower contains a potent bioflavonoid, anthocyanin, which raises blood flow in the scalp, strengthening hair follicles. Butterfly pea flower is one of nature’s most essential ingredients, which helps in promoting hair growth and natural darkening of hair. Aside from hair growth, butterfly pea flower is used in making blue pea powder for the facial experience; for glowing skin and it applies to all skin types.

Above all the amazing wonders butterfly pea flowers have to offer, we should not forget that butterfly pea flower’s most extraordinary feature is that it is a color-changing plant; you can call it “the queen of beauties.” Why not color your world with butterfly pea flowers? Believe in the magic that butterfly pea flowers can perform and color your world.

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