Our Nyasaland variety of arabica coffee is grown in the highland areas of Mt Elgon in the eastern region of Uganda at an altitude of 4,100 – 5600ft, fertilized with animal manure. when flowering between January and February, they sent the air with a jasmine-like fragrance. Coffee is grown by a selected group of farmers who preserve the Nyasaland variety through Slow food presidia which is a project that works to protect small-scale producers and safeguard quality artisanal products.

The coffee cherries are washed and hand-picked with great balance, fine acidity, good body, chocolate overtones, citric and floral notes. The cherries are picked by farmers cautiously one by one depending on the readiness and sorted at the gardens. They are then transferred to the drying beds and covered under the shade and periodically turned around during the day to allow uniform drying and proper aeration.

Our coffee is proficiently roasted which brings out the intense floral aroma and flavor, and the natural color that is locked inside the green coffee beans.

The beans are then packed whole or grounded with No additives, No artificial flavors, preserved in its natural color and premium quality.


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