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Akshit Moringa Leaf Powder| USDA Organic |Vitamins and Mineral Supplement 6 oz I hoja de moringa polvo I poudre de feuilles de moringa

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     The most &nbsp&nbspnutritious and healthy superfood on market with over 42 minerals and nutrients (minerales y nutrientes/minéraux et nutriments).  

    USDA Organic Certified moringa powder: Organically grown Moringa from Uganda helps the body in breaking down the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates and converts them into energy to boost your metabolism ( aumentar su metabolismo/booster votre métabolisme) and energy levels (niveles de energía/niveaux d'énergie) naturally.

    Moringa powder is a rich source of antioxidants. It contains over 46 antioxidants that help in fighting free radicals and preventing tissue damage&nbsp thereby potentially slowing down the aging process of our bodies.

    Supplement and nourish your body with our certified USDA Organic moringa leaf powder carefully sourced from Uganda with Fair Trade and eco-friendly practices. Every aspect of our growing, harvesting and production process is designed to make sure that every gram of moringa powder we produce is of the highest quality free from artificial additives or harmful chemicals.

    Moringa oleifera powder gives you all the essential nutrients required to keep your energy and metabolism levels high throughout the day. USDA Certified, organic Moringa powder is grown in Uganda with Fair Trade and eco-friendly practices. Moringa Powder is packed in a reusable tin, so everything about it is eco-friendly and sustainable. Our powder is a premium organic product made bearing in mind our consumers.

    Moringa benefits include;

    Speeds Up Your Metabolism: Our organic Moringa Powder helps the body in breaking down the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to be converted into energy. &nbsp<br><br>

    Weight Loss ( pérdida de peso/perte de poids ) : Moringa is a metabolism booster and a source of dietary fiber that helps to burn more calories naturally

    Helps in Anti-Aging ( antienvejecedor/aide à lutter contre le vieillissement ): Rich in anti-aging ingredients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, natural antioxidants ( antioxidantes/antioxydants ) , and omega fatty acids that help in reducing wrinkles, dark spots and a saggy skin naturally.

    Boosts Immune System ( aumenta sistema inmune/renforce le système immunitaire ): Vitamins like C and plant-based proteins in our Moringa Leaf Powder are natural immune boosters.

    Laxative and Digestive Issues: Moringa is a natural laxative that helps to regulate bowel movements, drive out toxins from the body system, prevent common digestion problems like constipation and bloating.

    Detoxifies your body: The antioxidants in our help neutralize damage-causing free radicals and protects the liver from oxidative stress, maximizing the cleansing abilities of your body and help.

     Refreshing Moringa Tea:

    1. Boil water

    2. Add and steep one serving Moringa Powder for at least 5 minutes

    3. Add honey or your favorite sweetener and enjoy

    Special features

    • USDA Certified Organic
    • Women-owned small business Enterprises
    • Vegan/Vegano
    • Gluten-free/Sin gluten
    • NON-GMO
    • Caffeine-free/Libre de cafeína
    • No Artificial Colors or Preservatives/Sin colorantes ni conservantes artificiales


    Organic moringa leaf powder.



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