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Akshit Organic Tulsi(Holy Basil) 2.4 oz I I tulsi orgánico I Akshit Tulsi biologique (basilic sacré)

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    &nbspHoly basil also known as Tulsi has a slightly sweet, yet spicy flavor and hints of clove as well.

    Holy basil benefits; It is an adaptogen, with rich antioxidant (antioxidante/antioxydant) and anti-inflammatory (antiinflamatoria/anti-inflammatoire) properties used for thousands of years to boost the immune system (estimular el sistema inmunológico/booster le système immunitaire).

    Organic Holy Basil is 100% certified organic, made with no artificial flavors or GMOs, and caffeine-free (sin cafeína/Sans caféine).

    Holy basil also known as “queen of herbs” with a floral and peppery note, an aromatic perennial plant in the family Lamiaceae. Tulsi leaf is a profoundly healing plant known for its numerous perilla leaves benefits; Holy basil health benefits include promoting comfortable breathing(promover una respiración cómoda), and complement a healthy weight management plan(complementar un plan de control de peso saludable).  

    As an adaptogen, tulsi has the unique ability to regulate stress levels(regular los niveles de estrés) and maintain energy levels(mantener los niveles de energía) throughout the day and sound restful sleep at night.

    It is organic grown and harvested in the Uganda without the use of any chemicals or&nbsp&nbsp pesticides; just organic Holy Basil is a purely, non-irradiated herbal leaves.

     Product Details

    Product Type:   loose leaf

    Type:   Organic Herbal Herbal Tea

    Shape: whole leaf

    Variety:   Holy basil / Tulsi Tea

    Specialty: health tea, Organic tea

    Packaging:   Bags

    Shelf Life:   2 years

    Place of Origin: Uganda

    Weight: 75g(2.4 oz) 

    Preparations(Holy basil tea/Té de albahaca santa/Thé au basilic sacré)

    • Boil a cup of water
    • Pour the boiling water over holy basil to steep
    • Keep in water for at least 5 minutes
    • Strain the liquid and pour into a teacup

    Adding ice cubes will create iced tea.

    Is holy basil tulsi? Tulsi is another name for Holy Basil.

    ¿Es la albahaca santa tulsi? Tulsi es otro nombre de Holy Basil.

    Does Akshit holy basil tulsi tea have caffeine? It is totally caffeine free and can be consumed daily without fear.

    ¿El té Akshit holy basil tulsi tiene cafeína? Es totalmente libre de cafeína y se puede consumir a diario sin miedo.

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